The Niwot Community Semi-Marching Free Grange Band

Meet Our Musicians--Band Member Bios


Name: Robert "Bob" Stadtherr

Instrument: Alto Saxophone

Uniform Selection:

Bob Stadtherr has been playing in church bands “pretty much continuously for 27 years,” and was actually recruited to play in the Niwot Community Semi-Marching Free Grange Band while playing for an ecumenical Thanksgiving service in Lafayette when the trombone player and Bob discovered that they both lived in Niwot.

Bob’s church band experience is a family affair.  “Diane, Jennifer, Bryan and Aaron all participate in the church band,” he notes. “Bryan plays guitars, Aaron plays drums.”

Bob plays alto sax in the NSMFGB, but his primary instrument is a wind synthesizer, which can become just about any instrument you want it to be. Bob had not played saxophone for about five years before he joined the NSMFGB.

The Peppertree resident started playing saxophone in 6th grade in Porterville, California.  By the time he reached high school as one of the Monache Maruaders, he was performing in marching band, concert band and stage band. 

In college at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Bob played in the University Jazz Band. Bob also performed as part of the Dixieland band, “Sticks Strings and Hot Air,” which performed at the Sacramento Jazz Festival in 1982 and 1983.,2524091

In addition to alto sax, Bob also plays soprano and tenor sax, flute and piccolo, and recorder. His professional work also involves music.  In his other life, Bob is an electronic engineer, specializing in high-end home audio equipment.  

Bob might have a Top 10 list of songs, but explains, “I enjoy many different styles of music and don’t think I could pick a single song as a favorite.”


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