The Niwot Community Semi-Marching Free Grange Band

Meet Our Musicians--Band Member Bios

Name: Mike Weiss

Instrument: Tuba

Uniform Selection: Soliciting Options (The Bank of America Tuba @ Niwot Community Band?)

Mike was born and raised in central Wisconsin (Merrill), where he spent his grade school years enduring accordion lessons (thanks, Mom and Dad), and to this day can still read notes and play keyboards with one hand (right).   He still has the accordion. 

Upon entering junior high, he took up cornet in the school band (still has that, also), and decided to replace accordion with guitar, starting a high school rock band known as The Trademarks, in which he was the lone guitarist (CD’s available for a phenomenal fee).

In a situation that was to repeat itself later, the high school band had too many cornets, and not enough tubas.  Recognizing an opportunity when presented, Mike switched to tuba (technically sousaphone), immediately improving his performance and chair position.

Upon graduation from high school, he journeyed to higher education at Michigan Technological University (located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, 23 miles north of nowhere), where there was an ample supply of accomplished guitar players, but few bass players.  Cashing in on the high school band experience, he turned in his guitar for an electric bass, and began playing with a band known as Telegraph Road.

Bummer: First electrical engineering job post graduation paid less than the college band playing 2-3 nights a week.  He assumes this corrected itself somewhere along the way.

Mike moved to Colorado in 1976 and has been here (most of the time) since, and lives with wife Gayle (also a NCSMFGB member) in the Gunbarrel area.  He is now retired from Ball Aerospace, where he spent many years designing and building antennas for spacecraft.  Wally Moffat enlisted Mike in the NCSMFGB (see Wally’s Bio) several years ago, re-igniting his affair with the tuba (sousaphone) after having not touched a tuba for ~ 40 years.

Mike has and does play recreationally with several guitar-based rock bands.  “Other groups that actually played somewhere other than a basement were the Permanent Candles (Upper Michigan), Second Floor Hinge (Wisconsin), Bryce Hollow (Maryland), Big Man's World (Coal Creek Canyon), and On Fire (Niwot),”  he said. Mike also sits in occasionally with Boulder-area band, Funky Weather (

 Mike’s most memorable band experience?  Mike’s college band, Telegraph Road, opened Upper Michigan shows for Bob Seger (Bob is a Michigan boy) ( and the Animals. ( in the late 1960’s. Bargain of the century???  The opportunity to see Telegraph Road, AND the Animals, for $1 (Check out the poster)

So which one is Mike?

 (upper left?)


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